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Cosi is opera, sandwiches & wine. We have a little kitchen with a big open oven where we cook freshly baked bread daily. All our desserts are homemade too! Thanks Hementha! Our bread is baked by Sanjee & Kuma (they have the luckiest wives in the world!)   We have a little cave just around the corner called La Derniere Goutte where we get delicious organic wines direct from the makers themselves. You can also pop in for a Gallia beer (made in Paris) or a Tea Pigs tea from our friends in England!   We are open non stop from 12 noon to 11pm every day! Wow, arent you lucky!   See you soon in sandwich heaven....AKA...Cosi!

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elvire du couedic

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Par elvire du couedic le 19/12/2013

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Évitez les files d'attente

le 23/06/2014

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